July 23, 2014

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Full-Spectrum Agile Coaching

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Coaching for Organizational Agility

Collaborative, cross-functional, empowered teams are the heart of agile. Agile frameworks like Scrum, XP, Kanban, and Lean are designed to help teams deliver more, faster, with higher quality.

But no matter how good teams get at executing and delivering work, the organization itself must be agile enough to know how to build the right things, get those things out the door as quickly as they are created, and lead in a culture of empowerment.

This kind of agility goes beyond teams and process. It is more than simply scaling agile or enterprise agile. It’s a holistic focus on the organization from the bottom up and the top down. It’s about your bottom line and your ability to respond to change.

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At BigVisible, our agile coaching focused on agility across your business, from delivery to strategy to leadership to HR.

Agile Coaching: Execution

We help teams get better at execution. Execution-level agile coaching focuses on introducing and improving the day-to-day practices of teams and individuals. We work on improving such technical practices as test-driven development (TDD), continuous integration (CI) & automated testing. We also help with sprint execution capabilities such as how to facilitate effective retrospectives, how to apply agile principles to problem solving risk management, teamwork, and workflow management.

Agile Coaching: Delivery

We help teams improve their delivery. Delivery-level agile coaching focuses on building team (and multi-team) capability to consistently and effectively deliver a shippable product increment at the end of each sprint. Specific agile coaching topics might include the team’s definition of done, writing user stories, acceptance testing, and large program coaching.

Agile Coaching: Product/Business Strategy

It’s not enough to build something—you have to build the right something. Our product/business strategy agile coaching is concerned with helping you identify that unique product or service that will truly set you apart and delight your customers. We work with product owners, stakeholders, and managers to give them the tools and knowledge they need to set a strategic direction.

Agile Coaching: Organization

Your teams are humming along. They can churn out working increments of the right product – what used to take six months now happens in just two weeks. The problem now is that your existing deployment process can’t handle two-week deliveries. And the HR policies that served individuals in the past aren’t appropriate for a team-based culture.

Agile Coaching: Leadership

True agility requires an agile focus and cultural alignment from top to bottom. Your president must be as agile as your programmers. Your senior directors must be in step with the direction set by product owners. Agile is more than a process, more than a set of practices. It’s a mindset that must be cultivated throughout the organization.

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