July 23, 2014

Agile Coaching Blog

The BigVisible Approach

The BigVisible Approach Is Unique

Agile and Lean startup ideas are exciting and powerful but are by no means easy to introduce in the enterprise. The BigVisible approach or private training and integrated coaching makes it possible for you to begin to apply agile and lean startup concepts in small but effective ways that can make an immediate impact.

Start Wherever You Are

We’ll start wherever you are. From your first phone call with us, a principal-level BigVisible coach will work with you to facilitate the execution of processes, principles, and practices. This will include assessing existing practices and identifying and overcoming any anti-patterns that may exist.

Improve Continuously

BigVisible coaches will help you strive towards continuous improvement. They will help you collaborate more effectively, get to market faster, become more productive, deliver a higher level of quality, and improve organizational dynamics. They can teach you to not only excel at the adoption of agile and lean startup techniques, but also to become more self-sufficient and self-guiding.

Cover the Full Spectrum of Organizational Agility

Truly innovative companies do more than just adopt an agile or lean startup practice or two. Teams need the technical and interpersonal skills to perform at high levels. Product owners need to understand how to get the right product to market. Leaders must foster a spirit of intrepreneurship throughout the organization. And the entire process relies on the support of departments outside of IT. That’s why the BigVisible approach to agile coaching, which we call the “BigVisible Way™, includes coaching at all levels of the organization: execution, delivery, strategy, organization, & leadership are all essential to true organizational agility and real success with agile and lean startup.

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